Looking for the perfect sims 4 wedding dress cc? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered a collection of the best sims 4 wedding dress cc so that your bride will look stunning on her wedding day.

Sims 4 wedding dress CC

From traditional to modern, there’s something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re planning a sims 4 vampire wedding or just a regular ol’ sims wedding, you’ll defiantly find it here.

Luckily, there is no shortage of amazing wedding dress cc available online. In this post, we’ve compiled the best of the best from around the web from maxis match cc to Alpha cc.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing and find the perfect sims 4 wedding dress cc for your big day!


Vintage Lace Wedding Dress CC Pack : creator drgreenie100

If your short on space in your Mods for cc, then this pack is for you as it not only includes weddings dresses, but lots of wedding CAS items and buy mode items

Scandalace wedding dress Collection: creator Zeussim

All the wedding dress featured on this list are amazing, but the attention to detail on this wedding dress set takes them to the next level.

Princess Wedding Dress Collection : creator Zeussim

Are you obsessed with Disney Princess? Then this pack is for you as each dress is based on a Disney Princess.

This Post Is All About Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

1. Bohemian Wedding Dress: Creator RenoraSims

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Looking for a wedding dress that has bohemian feel while still being chic and stylish? Look no further than this wedding dress by RenoraSims.

2. McCartney Dress: Creator RenoraSims

McCartney Dress

This lovely, simple gown is perfect for sims who are looking for something a little more understated. The dress comes in a number of different colors, so could also be used for other special occasions as well.

3. Beautiful Layers Dress: Creator RenoraSims

Medusa Dress

This dress is perfect for sims who are looking for something a little bit more unique and a bit more traditional. The Beautiful Layers Dress features some beautiful flowers which sims are sure to love.

4. Medusa Dress: Creator RenoraSims

Medusa Dress

Have a sim who’s a witch or a sim who prefers a more alternative style, then this dress is perfect for them.

The Medusa Dress by RenoraSims is perfect for sims who are looking to add a bit of edge to their wedding day look.

5. Classic Taste Dress: Creator RenoraSims

Classic Taste Dress

This dress is perfect for sims who are looking for something elegant and timeless. The Classic Taste Dress comes in a variety of colors so sims can find the perfect match for their wedding day.

6. Sleek Chic Dress: Creator RenoraSims

Sleek Chic Dress

A pretty yet simple dress, the Sleek Chic Dress is perfect for sims who are looking for a chic and elegant wedding dress. Or if you don’t use it for a wedding dress it would make a perfect bridesmaid dress.

7. Wedding Dress: Creator simply morgan

Wedding Dress

This modern wedding dress features a sweatheart kneckline, lace trim and cinched ruffle waist and a slit. The dress comes in white, cream and rose so your sims can find the perfect match for their wedding day.

It also includes matching slippers and gloves to finish the look.

8. Sunday Bridal Gown: Creator viiavi

Sunday Bridal Gown

Are you a fan of mermiad wedding dresses? Then this is the perfect dress for your sims! The Sunday Bridal Gown by viiavi comes in 11 colors.

But if your not the traditional wedding gown person and are wanting something a bit more out there, another amazing CC creator has created some cool recolours.

9. Friday Bridal Gown: Creator viiavi

Friday Bridal

Looking for a simple strappy bridal gown? Then this is the perfect dress for you!

If the long dress isn’t for you and your looking for something more casual yet still stylish it does come in a shorter version.

10. Monday Bridal Gown: Creator viiavi

Monday Bridal Gown

Looking for a sleek and modern ball gown dress? Then this is the perfect dress for you!

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11. Tuesday Bridal Gown: Creator viiavi

Tuesday Bridal Gown

Is your sim wanting a long sleeved bridal dress with a rounded neck line? Then look no further as this Tuesday Bridal Gown by viiavi is perfect.

It also comes with some nice detailed ruffles at the back

12. Saturday Bridal Gown: Creator viiavi

Saturday Bridal Gown

Looking to spice up your gown a bit more? Then this Saturday Bridal Gown by viiavi is perfect as it has a lovely hem with glittery detail.

13. Midnight Mystique recolor: Creator Magnolianfarewell’s

Midnight Mystique recolor

This detailed lace dress is just what you’re looking for any sims wedding day. This is a recolour so will need to download the original for it to work.

14. Scandalace wedding dress Collection: Creator Zeussim

Scandalace wedding dress

All the wedding dresses on this list are amazing, but this set tops the lot! If you have limited CC space or can only download a handful on this list, then this set needs to be on it as it has a selection for all types of brides.

15. Aline Royal Wedding Dress: Creator

Aline Royal Wedding Dress

Is Your sim looking for a more classical style, this dress is ideal with its lace sleeves and pastel hues. This is a garment that will look fantastic now or can be handed down to a child or grandchild in the future.

16. Ellie Wedding Dress: Creator BEOCreations

I’m not a big fan of Alpha CC in general, but this Lace wedding gown is gorgeous. This is the one to choose if you want a full lace dress with a scallop trim and bow.

18. Rustic Romance Sims 4 Stuff: Creator Plumbob Tea Society

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

This is another must have in your CC folder as it not only includes wedding dresses, but includes outfits for the whole bridal party and a selection of build and buy mode items.

So if your limited on CC space then this pack does include everything you need to host the perfect sims 4 wedding and the best part is, it’s all free!

17. Natasha Dress wedding dress: Creator SLYD

Natasha Dress wedding dress

I’m not normally a fan of ruffled wedding dresses, but this has to be one of the most beautiful cc wedding dresses out there. This is another must-have in your CC folder.

19. Vampire Wedding Dress: Creator Sentate

Do you have a vampire sim looking for a wedding gown then this gown with it’s dramatic plunge neck line is perfect. If your sim is not into the traditional white, it comes in 25 different swatches to chose from.

20. Vintage Lace Wedding Dress CC Pack: Creator drgreenie100

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress CC Pack

Looking for more lace wedding dresses to add to your collection? Then this lace wedding dress pack offers some timeless and beautiful dresses.

21. Sims 4 Wedding Dress Trio: Creator Zeussim

Sims 4 Wedding Dress Trio

If you want more choice for your sims then this wedding dress pack is perfect as it includes 3 different styles of dresses. Modern, classic and sweet. So something for everyone.

22. Princess Wedding Dress Collection: Creator Zeussim

 Princess Wedding Dress Collection

Do you love Disney and Disney princesses then this wedding dress collection is perfect for you. As each dress is made for a specific Disney princess.

This pack is a wonderful addition if you’re doing The Sims 4 Disney challenge or doing anything Disney related in your game.

23. Sims 4 Wedding Dress: Creator laupipi

Sims 4 Wedding Dress

Another beautiful ball gown style wedding dress for your sims 4 folder. This dress is similar to the Monday Bridal Gown by Viiavi, but with a bit more flair.

24. Vintage Wedding Dress Collection: Creator Zeussim

Vintage Wedding Dress Collection

A bit of a different wedding dress collection, but this collection comes with either a plain swatched or a blood swatch. So could make for some interesting storylines.

They are also a vintage style so could be perfect for using in the decades challenge

25. The Forever Wedding Collection: Creator Zeussim

The Forever Wedding Collection

These two wedding dress packs are a must have for your CC folder as they offer such a wide selection of different styles to chose from.

With 16 dresses to pick from, you’ll never be stuck for choice again.

26. Sims 4 Beach Wedding Dress Pack: Creator Zeussim

Sims 4 Beach Wedding Dress Pack

Having a beach wedding? Then this is just the pack for you as it comes with a selection of beautiful and casual wedding dresses.

It also comes with a lovely wedding hair style and a flower girl dress.

27.  Simple wedding dress: Creator bramberly finch

If your sim is on a budget or wants to have a simple wedding, but still wants to look stylish, then this is the dress for you!

28. Andrea Wedding Dress: Creator SLYD

Andrea Wedding Dress

A timeless dress that is a must have in your CC folder.

29. Love That Journey For Us Sims 4 CC Pack: Creator Joliebean

Love That Journey For Us Sims 4 CC Pack

Looking for the full package, then this is for you. It includes a beautiful dress, some shoes, jewellery and a hair style. So your sim can look like the Belle of the Ball!

30. Wedding collection: Creator Lorena by BEO

Wedding collection

Looking for something a bit different to the standard wedding dress? Why not try this jump suit with attached skirt.

31. Bohemian Wedding Dress: Creator Alsine

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Looking for a lace mermaid style dress with a long tail? Then this is the perfect dress for your sims.

There you have it, 29 amazing sims 4 wedding dress CC that your sims will love. Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or something a bit more out there, there’s sure to be something on this list for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download them all!

This Post Was All About Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC.

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