If you’re planning a wedding in The Sims 4, you’ll want to check out this go to guide for Sims 4 wedding CC!

Sims 4 Wedding CC

From new hairstyles and dresses to wedding decorations, we’ve got you covered. With so many amazing options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to make your big day special.

So, whether you’re looking for a new wedding dress or just some general Sims 4 wedding CC, be sure to check out this list.


Rustic Romance Stuff for Sims 4: creator plumbobteasociety

This is the best free sims 4 wedding pack out there as it has over 70 items to make your sims wedding perfect.

Edible Wedding Cake CC: creator Leniad’s Cupboard

Are you board of the in game wedding cakes and looking for some new ones? Then this is the one for you.

White wedding Barn: creator Aijah2211

Looking for the ultimate venue to host your next sims 4 wedding? Then this is the one.

Beach Bliss Wedding Stuff Pack: creator coliswonderland

Wanting new outfits for the whole wedding party? Then this is the pack for you.

This Post Is All About Sims 4 Wedding CC

1.  Rustic Romance Stuff for Sims 4: Creator plumbob Tea Society

Rustic Romance Stuff for Sims 4

If your limited on space in your CC folder then this pack for you, as it contains over 70 wedding related items so you’ll have everything you’ll need for the perfect day!

2. The Wedding Hair: Creator SonyaSims 

The Wedding Hair

I’m currently only using Maxis Match cc, but if I was an Alpha cc player then this hair would be instantly downloaded and put in my mods folder as it’s just so beautiful and perfect for your sims wedding day.

3. Edible Wedding Cake cc: Creator Leniad’s Cupboard

Edible Wedding Cake cc

If you’re looking for unique wedding cakes, look no further than Leniad’s Cupboard. They have a stunning collection of cc wedding cakes that will add an extra touch of elegance to your wedding.

All of the cakes can be downloaded separately so you can pick whatever you like.

4. Wedding Lingerie Set: creator caio & serenity

Wedding Lingerie Set

Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding night. This sims 4 cc Bridal Lingerie pack includes a collection of lingerie items in a variety of swatches that are perfect for any gender.

So, whether you’re looking for something sexy or sweet, this pack has you covered.

5. Ashley WeddingHair: creator birkschessimsblog.

The sims 4 wedding hair is gorgeous and makes it ideal for a sims 4 fairy tale wedding. I adore the hair piece on top (especially since it’s covered in diamonds or jewels). The delicate strands of hair that come down at the back and the strand in front that frame the face are wonderful.

6. Just Say Yes! Wedding Hair: creator Devilicious

Just Say Yes! Wedding Hair

This is another rather simple bridal hairstyle, but I think that’s what makes it so perfect for a wedding. It’s not too fussy or over the top, but it’s still beautiful and elegant with the white ribbon intertwined.

7. Veils with flowers cc: creator  candycottonchu

This is a small, but sweet, cc pack that contains 3 different veils with flowers. They are perfect for any sims 4 bride who wants to add a touch of floral to her wedding day look.

8. Beach Bliss Wedding Stuff Pack: creator coliswonderland

Looking for outfits for the whole wedding party? Look no further than Coliswonderland’s Beach Bliss Wedding Stuff Pack. This pack includes groom outfits, bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, children’s outfits, shoes, and even decorations and furniture.

So, whether you’re looking for a destination wedding or just want to add a summery feel to your big day, this pack is perfect.

9. White wedding Barn: creator Aijah2211

White wedding Barn

Looking for the dreamy Pinterest venue for your Sims 4 wedding? Look no further than Aijah2211’s White Wedding Barn. This beautiful barn takes the indoor outdoors vibe to the next level.

It’s the perfect venue for an intimate country wedding.

10. Church of the Palms Wedding Chapel creator: Marjia 

This beautiful wedding chapel is the perfect place to say “I Do.” It comes with everything you need to have the perfect day.

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11. Functional Wedding Arch: creator ravasheencc

Functional Wedding Arch

No wedding is complete without a beautiful arch. This set from Ravasheencc had a variety of styles to choose from.

12. Wedding Arch CC creator dudleystrailer

Wedding Arch CC

If your looking for even more wedding arch CC then here is another pack with some beautiful wedding arches.

13. Sims 3 wedding arches: creator g1g2 

Sims 3 wedding arches

Did you love the wedding arches from the sims 3? Well, some amazing CC creator has recreated them for the sims 4.

14. Groomsman Pose Pack: creator Beto_ae0

Groomsman Pose Pack

This pose pack is perfect for those who want to get some great photos of the groom and his groomsmen.

15. Wedding Party II Pose Pack:creator Beto_ae0

Wedding Party II Pose

This is another great pose pack from Beto_ae0. This one is perfect for getting some photos of the whole wedding party.

16. Wedding Poses: creator posesbybee

Wedding Poses

Looking for some couples poses for your wedding photos? Look no further than Posesbybee’s Wedding Poses. This pack includes a selection of different poses, perfect for any sims 4 wedding photo shoot.

17. Flower bouquets and wall arrangements: creator melonsloth

Flower bouquets

Add some extra floral touches to your wedding day with these beautiful bouquets and wall arrangements from Melonsloth.

18. Wedding bouquet for all ages: creator beocreations

Wedding bouquet for all ages

Looking for matching bouquets for all ages? Look no further than Beocreations’ Wedding Bouquet for All Ages. This pack includes bouquets for children, teens, adults, and elders.

19. Bride CC Pack: creator Joliebean & AnotherPlumbob

Bride CC Pack

This Bridal CC pack is one of my favorite as includes the most beautiful dress, shoes, and accessories for your sims 4 brides.

20. String Lights CC: creator pinkerchu

String Lights CC

What’s a wedding without some pretty string lights? Add some extra romance to your big day with these beautiful string lights from Pinkerchu.

21. Sulani Wedding venue: creator nolcanol

Sulani Wedding venue

This beautiful wedding venue is located on the ocean shores of Sulani and comes with everything you need to have a perfect day.

22. Wedding suit with boutonniere: creator Sims House

Wedding suit with boutonniere

This wedding suit from Sims House is perfect for any groom who wants to add a touch of style to his wedding day look.

23. Female wedding suit: creator candysims4

Female wedding suit

This is a great option for any sims 4 bride who wants to wear a suit on her wedding day.

24. Open Suit Jacket: creator DRT77

Open Suit Jacket:

This open suit jacket from DRT77 is perfect for any sims 4 groom who wants to add a touch of style to his wedding day look.

25. wedding clutter: creator blarffy

wedding clutter

Add some extra wedding day touches to your sims 4 home with this wedding clutter pack from Blarffy.

26. Honeymoon Villa: creator summerrplays

Honeymoon Villa

This beautiful honeymoon villa is the perfect place to spend your first days as husband and wife.

27. Wedding Makeup Kit creator: twistedcat

Wedding Makeup Kit creator

This makeup kit from Twistedcatlady is perfect for any sims 4 bride who wants to have a flawless wedding day makeup look.

28.  Edible Wedding Cake: creator ATS4 & icemummun

Edible Wedding Cake

Another edible wedding cake that also includes a selection of toppers that you can add.

29. WM RINGS: creator S-Club


Looking for a new wedding/engagement ring for your sims? Look no further than the WM Rings from S-Club.

30. Till Death Do Us Part: creator SENTATE X HFO X JOLIEBEAN

Till Death Do Us Part

Another amazing CC packs that has everything you require to walk the down the aisle in style

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This Post Was All About Sims 4 Wedding CC.

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