What to know the ins and outs of the Sims 4 Doctor’s career, then this guide is for you.

Sims 4 Doctor Career

The Sims 4 provides its players with many career options to choose from: the Island Living Conversationist career to the Criminal career and also the Doctor career.

In the Doctor career, you get the opportunity to explore, carrying out duties such as diagnosing illnesses and treating patients at the hospital.

Here, we’ll give you your Sims 4 Doctor career guide that you can follow to help you succeed in the game if you choose to go down the Medical career path.

The Medical career falls into a category referred to as Active careers. At the beginning when The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion was first made available back in 2015, it allowed you to engage in activities such as following your Sim to work (a feature that was available in the previous game with Sims 3:Ambitions) and included the classic occult feature Alien. Just be sure to make use of it as you play the Sims 4 to ensure you get to experience the best-featured options from the game.

Make this your Sims 4 Doctor career guide to help you get the best playing experience and know how to advance through the levels.

This career requires Sims 4 get to work.

This Post Is All About sims 4 Doctors Career

sims 4 doctor career levels

How do you Join the Medical Career in Sims 4?

When you want to join the Medical career, you simply get your Sim to use their phone and then choose ‘careers.’ You’ll be given the option of both part-time and full-time jobs. The default option that you’ll be presented with will be full-time jobs with all the different disciplines you can select from.

You must play The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion if you want to take your Sim to go down the Doctor career route. This can be bought on either Steam or Origin. Click the medical icon to read the description details. There are 10 career levels altogether for the Medical career, however, you’ll have to start your career as an intern. Anyone can join a career (just like in the previous Sims games), and you don’t need any particular skill-set or abilities. This is great because it allows all players to have an equal chance for the most enjoyable playing experience. Though developing and improving upon your skills will be useful when wanting to move on to higher levels in the Doctor career.

What are the Career Levels in the Medical Career?

Although there are different aspects to the Medical career in the game than other ones (it’s an active career while others are rabbit hole careers), they’re all similar in that as you progress on to higher levels, you get paid more. You’ll also be given honorable titles which will all have unique conditions for your Sim to progress.

While you start off as only a Medical Intern at level 1 in your Sims 4 Doctor career, you can work your way up to becoming the Chief of Staff at level 10. The hours required and pay will both increase as you move through the levels. The best way you can ensure you do this isn’t necessarily to do with improving one particular skill, but instead to improve your overall abilities as a Doctor while at work. One key skill to work on is treating patients, then your Sim can carry out diagnosis later, and move on to performing surgeries and delivering babies after that.

Going to Work

A pop-up will appear on your screen every day asking if you’d like to go with your Sim to work or send them by themselves. By sending them alone, you’ll become unable to progress on to higher levels in your Sims 4 Doctor career. To progress, you’ll need to be in Active career modem as you are required to direct your sims in a lot of the daily tasks If you want to go with your Sim to work, you must choose ‘join.

When joining them at work, your Sim will stand outside and you’ll notice the check-in desk where some Sims will wait as patients to be seen. There will also be a room with beds and Sims in them.

Here, you get the opportunity to perform medical procedures such as analyzing samples, running treadmill tests, and carrying out x-rays, to name a few. You can also give food and snacks to your Sim from the kitchen when they’re hungry and a one-person bathroom is also available at the hospital.

How do you Succeed in a Sims 4 Doctor Career?

The Boss branch allows your player to become a crime boss, where you get to become involved in corruption such as theft, robbSucceeding in the Medical career comes a little more challenging than knowing how to join it. You’ll need to understand how to meet the requirements of your role to move your Sim up to become a Doctor.

Doctor Career Levels

There are 10 career levels in total. Here are the different levels and an over view of what each level entails.

JobMedical Intern
schedule Fri-Tue 7AM-3PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsAttend an active work day at the Doctor Career venue
Reward for PromotionN/A
schedule Sat-Wed 7AM-3PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 2 Mischief
Reward for Promotion$192, Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display, Not So Blind Eye Chart, New Clothes
JobMedical Assistant
schedule Sun-Thu 8AM-4PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 3 Mischief Skill
Reward for Promotion$256, X-Ray Machines are now available for use at work to scan and exam patients, You can now Give Medical Advice, You can now Give Bad Medical Advice with Level 3 Mischief
JobMedical Technologist
schedule Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 5 Mischief Skill
Reward for Promotion$312, Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light, Medical Treadmills can now be used further examine patients’ conditions, New Clothes
JobAssistant Nurse
schedule Tue-Wed, Fri, Sun 6AM-4PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Mischief Interactions. Level 6 Mischief Skill
Reward for Promotion$384, Restless Thankless Medical Stool, Surgery Tables at work can now be used to treat the most severe patient conditions, You can now Check Hotness
schedule Wed-Thu, Sat, Mon 7AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsSuccessfully Diagnose and Treat Patients (3)
Reward for Promotion$576, Doctor of Medicine Diploma, Can Now Determine Baby Gender on Pregnant Sims
JobDoctor Practitioner
schedule Thu-Fri, Sun, Tue 8AM-6PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPerform Surgery on Patients (3)
Reward for Promotion$816, Seat of Health, New Clothes
JobMedical Specialist
schedule Sun-Mon, Wed, Fri 9AM-7PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDeliver a Baby (1)
Reward for Promotion$1136, The Diligent Doctor’s Desk, Sickness Resistance Trait
schedule Wed-Thu, Sat, Mon 9AM-7PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsSuccessfully Diagnose and Treat Patients (5)
Reward for Promotion$1496, Skelly Sim
JobChief of Staff
schedule Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 9AM-7PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsGo to Work
Reward for Promotion$1720, Also unlocks styled room “General Hospital” that costs $7,685

What Skills are Needed for Doctor Career Sims 4?

The two skills that you’ll need to use when working in the Sims 4 Doctor career are Handiness and Logic. These will involve your Sim working with medical devices like the x-ray machine, as well as treating patients and diagnosing illnesses.

You can ensure you’ll develop your Handiness skill when playing by repairing and upgrading equipment since they can often break. These include analyzers, x-ray machines, treadmills, and bathroom items. This can add more time to your working day, and so this is where the Handiness skill can come in by helping you become more efficient with your time. Learn more about how to improve your Handiness skills through reading books, and even carving pumpkins, an activity that’s involved in Sims 4:Spooky Day.

You can better your Logic skill by reading books also, playing board games, and using a telescope or microscope. A benefit to this is that it can help you improve certain skills, such as running tests on the analyzer, which will allow you to save more time.

sims 4 doctor skills

How to Complete Work Objectives

Different tasks will appear on the top left-hand side of your screen every day for work that’s available for your Sim. They’ll include jobs such as mopping at the early stages of your career and communicating with other workers in the Medical career. At higher levels such as when you make it to the Sim 4 Doctor career, the options will become available for you to perform surgeries and treat patients. Tasks will become more difficult at the later stages, but your skill levels will have improved by then. Most of the tasks will be easily understandable, and you’ll be able to see their descriptions by simply hovering over them so that they’ll appear.

Improving your Work Performance

Performing well with objectives will be greatly important for you to progress on to higher levels in your Sim 4 Doctor career. Getting promoted will allow you to get paid more for the jobs you do. A positive mood in the workplace is one aspect that will be of help to you. So make sure your Sim gets proper rest and stays healthy. Good food will make a difference, especially as it will enable your Sim to stay productive while working rather than having to waste time snacking.

You can ensure your Sim has a better time at work and progress in their career by staying in regular contact with other staff and building stronger working relationships. Try and complete as many of the tasks as possible to obtain a Gold Reward for the day.

What Mood is Helpful for the Medical Career in Sims 4?

Emotions are also important when working through your Sims 4 Doctor career. A Focused mood is particularly helpful when working in the Medical career as it can lead to better productivity, which will come in handy when having to treat patients. However, other general skills can also be improved with a good mood, such as romance and gardening.

So that your Sim can stay focused, ensure their daily needs are met. Take them for a Spa Day, engage them in some Yoga or have them listen to music. Other activities that can improve their mood include reading, going to the aquarium, or playing video games. Relaxation will go a long way while also helping them get a good night’s rest. Although these activities won’t mean your Sim will definitely achieve a Focused mood, it will make it more likely.

What is the Best Way to Get Promoted in the Medical Career?

Playing the game well will still be the most important thing you can do to ensure success while you progress through the Sims 4 Doctor career. Good skills and emotions are still required however in order to progress. Being focused and advancing well with both the Handiness and Logic skill will be good moves, however, playing the game consistently well, in the end, will be what really moves you forward. Perform diagnosis and treatments well when working in the hospital to give your Sim the best chance to advance.

How do you Treat and Diagnose Patients in Sims 4?

For diagnosing, treating, and performing surgeries, you’ll have to be successful on your first Active working day. After that, you’ll be able to spot many illnesses without having to run tests. Even still, it’s best that you don’t jump straight to curing them until you’re absolutely certain what the illness is. Otherwise, your performance will drop. Run as many tests as you can before you diagnose an illness. Tests can be run at the patient’s bedside, and treadmill tests and x-rays can be performed when you’ve made it through to higher levels. When you know what the illness is, then it’s time to treat them.

 sims 4 doctor career too many patients

Types of Disease and their Symptoms

The Hot-headed trait can make your Sim turn nasty and is very valuable when working in the Boss branch. It makes it easier to The way your Sim behaves will enable you to spot which disease they have. When working in the Sims 4 Doctor career, follow the guide below for determining which disease it is:

Disease NamePhysical SymptomsTreatment
Bloaty headThe tell tale sign of a bloaty head is when
the Sim has a headache. You’ll notice this as they hold their head and they
might even have steam blowing from their ears.
This can be treated selecting
‘treat bloody head with shot.’
Burnin’ BellyWhen a Sim arrives at the hospital holding
their stomach, this means they’ve got a burnin’ belly. Steam might even run off their head. A thought bubble will sometimes show with a bottle of medicine inside it.
The patient will require surgery.
Gas and GigglesA Sim who rubs their belly and passes wind
from their bottom, laughs a lot, and is hungry will have gas and giggles.
them medication to help this to be relieved.
Itchy Plumbob When the Sim is itchy and scratchy, laughs a lot, and has spots all over their body, they’ve got itchy plumbob. Surgery will again be needed here.
Llama FluSigns of Llama flu include head spots and the Sim coughing and sneezing plenty. You’ll need to give them a Llama flu vaccine to help them get better.
Starry EyesStars will show above their head when a Sim is suffering from starry eyes. Spots on their body in addition will be a sign that they’re dizzy. They’ll need some medication to help them recover.
Sweaty ShiversSweaty shivers will cause an itch, and spots on their body will highlight a fever. Choose ‘inoculate for sweaty shivers’ for treatment.
The Triple ThreatMore symptoms will be felt in those that have the triple threat. They’ll experience sneezing, coughing, itchiness, spots, and stars spinning above their head. This can only be treated by performing surgery.

Making House Calls

When working in your Sims 4 Doctor career, you’ll be required to make house calls. This will only be available when you’re at the higher levels, where you’ll be called to travel to the patient’s home to help them. House calls help you advance your career so make sure you answer fast before the opportunity becomes missed out on.

sims 4 doctor career deliver baby

Sims 4 Doctor career FAQ

How to cheat in the sims 4 criminal career?

If you want to take the easy route. The first thing you need to do is press:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for PC/Mac
  • All four shoulder buttons for Xbox One
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console

Then type Testingcheats ON and then press return

To be promoted in the sims 4 doctor career, players must enter the following cheat: careers.promote doctor you can keep typing this cheat until you reach the career level you’d like your sim to be at.

This post Was All About The Sims 4 Doctor’s Career

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