Sims 4 cottage houses are here to sprinkle some cozy charm all over your Sims Neighbourhoods!

Sims 4 cottage houses

Whether you’re dreaming of a picturesque countryside escape for your Sims or just want to add a delightful little house to your neighborhood,

Sims 4 cottage houses have got you covered! Feast your eyes on these ten FREE Sims 4 cottage houses that are perfect for any Sims game!

From enchanting cottages with thatched roofs and stone walls to chic modern styles featuring open floor plans and loads of windows, these Sims 4 cottage houses are guaranteed to add a dash of charm to any Sims neighborhood!

This Post Is All About Sims 4 Cottage Houses

1. The Sims 4 Lakeside Cottage No CC: Creator Flubs79

The Sims 4 Lakeside Cottage No CC

Introducing the oh-so-rustic and super cozy Lakeside Cottage No CC for your Sims! This Sims 4 cottage brings all the comforts of home with an irresistible sprinkle of country charm!

This adorable abode is perfect for a young couple or a small family, flaunting two snug bedrooms and bathrooms!

We’re head over heels for the attention to detail in the build, from the radiators to the delightful clutter items!

Get ready to welcome your Sims to their dreamy new home!

$ 13,6250

Lot size: Other

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: 2

2. Starter Cottage No.2 Sims 4: Creator simmer_adelaina

Starter Cottage No.2 Sims 4

Searching for the perfect small starter home for your Sims? Look no further – Starter Cottage No.2 has got you covered!

From the street, this beauty exudes traditional cottage vibes, but step inside and be swept away by its modern twist, featuring an open layout and sleek extension!

We’re totally mesmerized by the jaw-dropping attention to detail in the landscaping!

Get ready to welcome your Sims to their charming new digs that blend the best of both worlds!

$ 18,792

Lot size: 20 x 15

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

3. Sims 4 Cottage In The Trees: Creator SIMSBYLINEA 

Sims 4 Cottage In The Trees

This cottage takes it to a whole new level – a home among the treetops! Can it get any more enchanting than that?

We’re swooning over the fabulous round balcony and the delightful combo of thatched roofs and conical roofs!

This magical abode fits perfectly on any 30×20 lot or larger, but the CC creators suggest Henford on Bagley for the ultimate dreamy placement!

Get ready to elevate your Sims’ living experience to the skies!

$ 45,574

Lot size: 30 x 20

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

4. Dreamy Lake Cottage Sims 4: Creator Moniamay72 

Dreamy Lake Cottage Sims 4

This Sims 4 cottage is like a fairytale brought to life! Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for living beside a tranquil lake, soaking in its serene beauty?

But wait, there’s more! It’s also an ultra-modern family cottage, so if you’re searching for those contemporary vibes, this one’s absolutely perfect!

Get ready to embrace the best of both worlds in this enchanting and chic Sims 4 cottage!

$ 92,871

Lot size: 30 x 20

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

5. Cottage By The Sea Sims 4: Creator sharon337 

Cottage By The Sea Sims 4

This Sims 4 cottage is a dreamy delight! Its open-plan layout and light color palette create a breezy, refreshing atmosphere.

The sea view deck is an absolute joy; we can totally picture our sims spending their days out there, gazing into the mesmerizing horizon!

Get ready to immerse your sims in a haven of blissful serenity in this enchanting cottage!

$ 79,693

Lot size: 40 x 30

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: 2

6. Tinkerbell Fairy Cottage Sims 4: Creator findjoo

Tinkerbell Fairy Cottage Sims 4

This cottage is beyond fantastic! I mean, if the Sims 4 had fairies, this house would be nothing short of pure perfection!

Embrace the magic and enchantment that awaits in this whimsical abode that’s just too good to be true!

$ 349,571

Lot size: 40 x 30

Bedrooms: 3

Bathroom: 2

7. Sims 4 Goth Cottage Starter: Creator lluispire

Sims 4 Goth Cottage Starter

The Sims 4 Goth Cottage Starter is a wickedly wonderful house that seems to have sprung straight from the heart of Salem!

We can totally envision a coven of bewitching witches making this their enchanting abode!

$ 18,500

Lot size: 30 x 20

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: 1

8. Sims 4 Cordelia’s Secret Cottage: Creator simmer_adelaina 

Sims 4 Cordelia's Secret Cottage

Your Sims’ dreams of embracing the countryside life are just a heartbeat away with this delightful cottage! All you need is the base game and The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion to unlock everything they’ll need for an idyllic rural retreat!

Get ready to dive into a world of wholesome living and bucolic bliss!

The Office Set CC pack by Leo Sims is the ultimate choice for creating a modern, professional office that dares to be different! Go ahead, break away from traditional designs and let your workspace shine!

$ 45,197

Lot size: 30 x 20

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

9. Sims 4 Perfect Cottage: Creator audrey7621

Sims 4 Perfect Cottage

Get ready to unleash your creativity with this charming two-bedroom cottage! This house has all the potential you could ever dream of, just waiting for you to add your own unique flair and make it truly your own!

So, dive in and start personalizing this cozy abode to create the perfect haven for your Sims

$ 29,299

Lot size: 20 x 15

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: 1

10. Sims 4 Modern Family Cottage: Creator Steampipes

Sims 4 Modern Family Cottage

This Sims 4 Modern Family Cottage is a roomy and chic abode, just perfect for your Sims’ contemporary clan!

I’m absolutely smitten with the grand open-plan area downstairs and the oh-so-refreshing pool outside!

Get ready to dive into a world of comfort and modern elegance with this amazing home!

$ 140,282

Lot size: 30 x 20

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: 2

Any other cottages you think need to be added to this list feel free to comment below or tag me at @modsedit on Tumblr!

This Post Was All About About Sims 4 Cottages

Sims 4 cottage houses

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