If you’re like me, you probably spend way too much time browsing through Sims 4 custom content (CC) hair, and even more time searching for female Sims hair.

Sims 4 CC Hair

There’s just something about finding the perfect hairstyle for your female Sim that makes the game that much more enjoyable.

There are loads of CC creators out there making amazing hairstyles for The Sims 4, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the best ones.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of my favorite Sims 4 hairstyles cc for female Sims.

From curly to straight, long to short, there’s something here for everyone.

So without further ado, here are the best Sims 4 female CC hairstyles!

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This Post Is All About Sims 4 CC hair female

1. Sims 4 Short Curly Bob: creator simstrouble

Sims 4 Short Curly Bob

This chic, short curly bob is perfect for any Sim looking for a change. We love the natural-looking curls and the way they frame the face.

2. Sims 4 Messy Bun Hair: Creator Miiko

Sims 4 Messy Bun Hair

If you’re looking for a messy bun hair CC option for your Sims, look no further than this one by creator Miiko.

It’s perfect for those lazy days when you just want to throw your hair up in a bun and be done with it. Trust us, your Sims will thank you for this one!

3. Sims 4 Space Buns Hair: Creator aharris00britney

Sims 4 Space Buns Hair

Space buns are all the rage these days, and now your Sims can join in on the fun with this CC hair option.

We love the way this hairstyle looks in-game, and we think you will too! If you’re looking for an adorable and unique CC hair option, this is the one for you.

4. Sims 4 Female Low Buns Hair: Creator greenllamas

Sims 4 Female Low Buns Hair

This low bun hairstyle from creator Greenllamas is perfect for those Sims who are always on the go.

It’s stylish and practical all at the same time! If you’re looking for a CC hair option that is both cute and practical, this is the one for you.

5. Sims 4 Half up Half Down Hair CC: Creator aharris00britney

Sims 4 Female Long Half Up Hair with Bow

This beautiful half-up, half-down style is perfect for any sim who wants to look both stylish and elegant. 

We love the addition of the bow and we think it really takes this hairstyle to the next level.

6. Sims 4 Basic high Ponytail: Creator dogsill

Sims 4 Basic high Ponytail

This sleek and simple high ponytail is perfect for sims who want a no-fuss hairstyle that still looks chic.

It’s easy to style and can be dressed up or down, making it versatile for any occasion.

7. Sims 4 Ombre Hair CC: Creator aharris00britney

 Sims 4 Ombre Hair CC

If you’re looking for a fun and fashionable hairstyle, look no further than this stunning ombre hair cc by creator aharris00britney.

The two-toned effect is both eye-catching and unique, sure to make your sim stand out from the crowd.

8. Sims 4 Curly Messy Bun: Creator heartspice

Sims 4 Curly Messy Bun

This messy bun is the perfect choice for sims who want a casual yet cute hairstyle. It’s perfect for days when you don’t have time to style your hair but still want to look put together. 

This hair also requires a mesh to work so don’t forget to download that as well

9. Sims 4 Long Curly Hair with Bangs: Creator simstrouble

Sims 4 Long Curly Hair with Bangs

This gorgeous curly hairstyle features long cascading curls and sweeping side bangs. It’s dramatic and feminine, perfect for sims who want to make a statement.

10. Sims 4 Braids with Pigtails: Creator aharris00britney

Sims 4 Braids with Pigtails

If you’re looking for a cute and girly hairstyle for your Sim, look no further than this braided pigtail style by creator aharris00britney. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether your Sim is headed to school or a special event.

If I knew how to braid I love to give myself this hairstyle one day.

11. Sims 4 Female Braided Ponytail: Creator aharris00britney

Sims 4 Female Braided Ponytail

This sleek and stylish braided ponytail is perfect for sims who are always on the go.

I love how there’s an option to pick a simple ponytail and a fuller ponytail.

12. Sims 4 high ponytail with Ribbon: Creator heartspice

Sims 4 high ponytail with Ribbon:

I love a high ponytail as it just goes with any look whether formal or casual.

But I love the fact that this one comes with a plain scrapped back version and one that includes cute side bangs and a front fringe.

It even has an optional ribbon you can to give it a more formal appearance.

13. Sims 4 Dreadlock Hair CC: Creator greenllamas

When I first saw this hair I fell in love with it, it’s so different and unique.

If you’re looking for a stylish and Eye-catching hairstyle, for your sims this is the one for you.

14. Sims 4 90s Ponytail CC: Creator Miiko

Sims 4 90s Ponytail CC

The moment I saw this hairstyle I was instantly transported back to my childhood.

I loved the 90s and this hairstyle is the perfect way to bring a little bit of that nostalgia into your game.

I love how this creator has included two versions one with bangs and one without bangs and not only included EA swatches, but some bonus swatches in some AMAZING colors

15. Sims 4 Long Wavy Hair CC: Creator Serenity

Sims 4 Long Wavy Hair CC

This hair comes in 2 versions one with a fringe and one without. I’m not a fan of the one with a fringe, but I’m OBSESSED with the no fringe version.

I love how it frames the face and the slight curl is just perfect.

This would be a great hairstyle for any sims who want to look chic and stylish.

16. Sims 4 Ombre Pigtails: Creator Claire Hair

Sims 4 Ombre Pigtails

This is such a cute and Girly hairstyle, I love the ombre effect and the pigtails are just too adorable.

Every time I use this hair I’m just instantly transported back to the early 2000s

17. Sims 4 Long Side part hair: Creator Miiko

Sims 4 Long Side part hair

This is such a sleek and stylish hairstyle, I love how it’s parted to the side and falls just perfectly.

18. Slick 4 slick back hair: Creator Miiko

Slick 4 slick back hair

Anything hairstyle with a headband is just automatically 10/10 in my book.

I love how this one is slicked back with a bow-style headband keeping everything in place.

But if headbands aren’t your thing it does it included a version with no headband.

19. Sims 4 High and Long Ponytail: Creator Miiko

Sims 4 High and Long Ponytail

In real life, this is one of my favorite hairstyles so it was only fitting that it made the list.

I adore the length and sleekness of this ponytail, which looks great on any sim who wants to seem fashionable and elegant.

20. Sims 4 Hair CC Pack: Creator Simple Simmer

Sims 4 Hair CC Pack

This simmer just makes the most amazing hairstyles I love them all, but when I’m starting over this particular set is my go-to as it includes 4 different hairstyles, that work perfectly for the different types of sims that I make.

21. Sims 4 Side Swept Hair: Creator Simple Simmer

Sims 4 Side Swept Hair

This hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that I always have to try and stop myself from using every time I create a new sim.

I adore the way it’s put together and how well it suits any sim for any occasion.

Also if you want to use it for a wedding or special event and make it extra special there’s even a flower crown you can download to go with it.

Do you have any particular sims 4 female hair cc hair that you must download when restarting your CC folder?

If so share them with us in the comments below or tag us on Tumblr @modsedit

This Post Was All About CC Hair Sims 4 Female

Sims 4 CC Hair Female

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