Carrots aren’t only good for cooking; they also have a hidden benefit. Getting pregnant with a male sim is easier when you add carrots to the mix.

Sims 4 Carrots

It’s not guaranteed, but eating carrots or listening to alternative music raises the chance of your Sim having a male Sim.

This Post Is All About  Sims 4 Carrots

Where To Find Carrots

The first way to obtain a carrot is to look for one. Carrots can be found in most of the worlds. You’ll find them hidden behind bushes or in small patches of dirt. Here are some of the locations you can find them.

Oasis Springs:

  • Parched Prospect
  • Bedrock Strait
  • Acquisition Butte
  • Oasis Springs Commercial District
  • Desert Bloom Park


  • Modern District
  • Van Haunt Estate

Granite Falls:

  • Camp Garden
  • Hermit’s House Garden
  • Round Rock Garden

If you have the Seasons pack installed, you can purchase some starter vegetable packets from build mode or the computer. It’s not guaranteed, but there’s a high chance carrots will be in the pack.

With this method, you will be required to do some gardening so if you want carrots instantly then this is probably not the best option for you.

If you have The City Living pack installed, you may purchase them from vendors. In San Myshuno’s art district, there is a fruit and vegetable stall where you can buy some carrots.

sims 4 carrots benefits

Using Debug to Find Carrots 

If you don’t want to spend time looking for carrot plants, use the buydebug cheat in build mode to acquire some. This cheat allows you to access objects that are not available through normal purchases in Build Mode.

If you don’t have the time to go all over town or wait for carrot plants to grow, the buy debug cheat is an excellent alternative. You may also purchase as many carrots as you want from buy mode with the Debug cheat.

1. First press ctrl + shift + c

2. Then enter the code testcheats true

3. Cheats will then be activated

4. To enable debugging features, open the bar and type bb.showhiddenobjects into it and press enter, then type bb.showliveeditobjects to reveal the debugging options.

5. Then go into build mode and search for carrots

Have you found carrots in any other worlds or found any other uses for them besides having a baby boy or eating them? If so let me know in the comments below.

This Post Was All About Sims 4 Carrots 

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