What to know the ins and outs of the Sims 4 Astronaut career, then this guide is for you.

sims 4 Astronaut career

You want to Sim to be an astronaut, but don’t know where to start. 

The astronaut career is one of the more challenging careers to progress in. This is due to the fact that Sim shifts are often lengthy and difficult, however the benefits are fantastic and eventually include a free spaceship. The first seven levels concentrate on fitness and logic abilities in order to be promoted.

This career is also a base game, career so doesn’t require any packs.

This post is all about sims 4 careers

Sims 4 Astronaut Career

sims 4 astronaut career space mission

Aspirations for the Astronaut Career

Body builder aspiration

The Body builder aspiration is an excellent choice for a sim who wants to pursue an astronaut career since this profession emphasizes on physical fitness, and you must achieve max skills for both branches of the career. Furthermore, as a bonus, your sim may obtain the long lived characteristic from this aspiration and live a little longer.

Nerd Brain

The Nerd brain aspiration is also a fantastic choice since it incorporates aspects of chess, as well as the construction of a rocket ship at home. You’ll be able to work on both your goals and your job simultaneously.

Good traits to chose for your sims

  • Active Trait – This will assist you in being more energized and in a better mood which is great for the higher levels of the Career.
  • Geek – The geek trait is a fantastic choice for an astronaut because it allows your sim to spend their time working on skills like chess and rocket science. It also aids in the development of these skills. It will also help them be more focused, which helps them develop logic.
  • Loves Outdoors – If you’re working on the astronaut career, being outdoorsy is a fantastic choice for a trait since your sim will need to spend a lot of time outside constructing a rocket in order to learn rocket science, and you want them to be satisfied while doing it.
  • Genius – This is another great trait as it will give your sim a new interaction ‘Solve Hard Problems’ which helps with building there logic skill.
  • Bookworm – Reading activities will be chosen more frequently than other Fun activities by Bookworm Sims. This is great as if they can’t afford a chess table or exercise equipment when starting out in the astronaut career you can always have them read books on these two skills.
  • Mean and / or Evil (for the Interstellar Smuggler branch) – This two traits are good if you want your sims to progress into the interstellar smuggler branch of the astronaut career.

Astronaut Career Levels

When pursuing a career as an astronaut, you’ll need to exercise frequently since your fitness ability will have to be maxed out eventually. It’s preferable to work on improving your fitness gradually because your sim can only workout for so long each day.

You need to build a rocket ship in your yard to master rocket science, so having a tiny backyard may not be an option. Also, creating and upgrading a rocket ship will be pricey, so might no be the best career for a sim who lives alone as having another sim in the house will help with funds.

Astronaut Career Unlocks (Before Branch)

Each career in The Sims 4 has its own set of unlocks, which include a variety of create-a-sim and build mode objects. I prefer to cover the build mode items since they’re usually the greatest!

With the first seven levels of the astronaut profession, you receive a new desk that resembles mission control from a space station, as well as a really fantastic chair that matches it.

You’ll get a solar light too, In addition to that, you’ll receive a pair of adorable desk or shelf decor, including blueprints and a model rocket that would look fantastic in an office.

ScheduleMon-Fri 8AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPlay Chess
Reward for PromotionEnthuse About Space Interaction
JobModule Cleaner
ScheduleMon-Fri 12PM-9PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPlay Chess. Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
Reward for Promotion$581, Astro Solar System Light
ScheduleTue-Fri 1PM-9PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsPlay Chess, reach Level 3 Logic, Level 2 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$756, Astro Model Rocket, Point Out Constellations interaction
JobCommand Center Lead
ScheduleMon-Wed, Fri, 2PM-10PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsWork Out. Reach Level 4 Logic, Level 3 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$869, Star Seeker Original Blueprints, Track Satellites on Telescope
JobLow-Orbit Specialist
ScheduleMon, Wed, Fri, 8AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsWork Out. Reach level 5 Logic, Level 4 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$1130, Portable Galaxy Lightshow
JobSpace Cadet
ScheduleMon, Wed, Fri, 6AM-4PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsWork Out. Reach Level 6 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$1299, Mission Control Item
ScheduleMon, Wed, Fri, 8AM-6PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsWork Out. Reach Level 6 Logic, level 7 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$1689, Salyut Aeronaut Chair, New CAS Parts
sims 4 astronaut career traits

Space Ranger Career Branch

The space ranger career branch is a good choice if you want to work less, as the work hours are a bit lower than the interstellar smuggler branch of the astronaut career.

If you want to work less, the space ranger branch is a wonderful alternative since the working hours are lower than those of the interstellar smuggler branch. In this career branch, you’ll need to maximize your Fitness skill, as we previously discussed, so you should work out as often as possible to fulfill the requirement.

To enter the space ranger career, you must have a rocket ship on your property. This is because, to complete your daily work task, you must go on a space mission, which you can’t accomplish without one!

JobPlanet Patrol
ScheduleMon-Thu, 10AM-6PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Reach Level 2 Rocket Science, Level 8 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$1790, Build Your Own Rocket Kit, Space Energy Drink Recipe
JobSheriff of the Stars
ScheduleMon-Thu 10AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Reach Level 4 Rocket Science, Level 10 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$3149, Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity
JobSpace Ranger
ScheduleMon-Thu 10AM-5PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Go to Work!
Reward for Promotion$4567, Apollo Rocket Ship, New CAS Parts

Space Ranger Branch Unlocks

The astronaut career’s space ranger branch has several incredible unlocks as you advance. The first is obtaining a new recipe for a space energy drink at a bar, which will make your sim feel motivated and may be very beneficial if you’re working on your fitness skill!

The following two, on the other hand, are just for show. You’ll get a “build your own rocket kit,” which sounds like it might be entertaining. However, it isn’t. It’s purely ornamental yet is quite attractive. In addition, you’ll receive an enormous statue called “astro bunny beyond infinity” which could look cool in your garden.

Finally, you’ll be able to fly the apollo rocket ship, which is my favorite of the three rocket ships and looks most sleek and modern. It’s just another fantastic way to reach orbit!

 sims 4 astronaut career questions

Interstellar Smuggler Career Branch

You’ll need a rocket ship on your home lot, just like in the space ranger branch. The daily activity is to complete a space mission, so you’ll need a rocket ship of your own. So be ready to spend a significant amount of time and money purchasing and constructing a rocket ship.

JobMoon Mercenary
ScheduleSat-Mon, Wed, 4PM-12AM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Reach Level 2 Rocket Science, Level 8 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$1790, The Monolith, Alien Juice Drink Recipe
JobAlien Goods Trader
ScheduleSat-Mon, Thu, 4PM-11PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Reach Level 4 Rocket Science, Level 10 Fitness
Reward for Promotion$3865, Zero-G Training Bag
JobInterstellar Smuggler
ScheduleSat-Mon, Thu, 2PM-11PM
Daily Task & Promotion RequirementsDo Space Mission. Go to Work!
Reward for Promotion$5025, Retro Rocket ship

Interstellar Smuggler Branch Unlocks

The alien juice drink recipe, which may be made at the bar, is the first of the unlocks in the interstellar smuggler branch. This beverage is a little more of a mystery, and after you consume it, your sim will obtain a random positive moodlet.

The next one is the Zero G Training Bag is a wonderful punching bag for your sims to use. This not only improves their fitness, but it also adds to their confidence in their surroundings!

The Retro Rocket ship is the last option, which is a really unique and cool-looking rocket ship to add to your sim’s yard. It’s bright red and white!

You’ll make more money in the interstellar smuggler career branch, but you’ll have to work harder!

FAQ: Astronaut Career Cheats

Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can then promote your sim with careers.promote astronaut 

Being an astronaut in The Sims 4 may be really enjoyable since it also allows you to visit the planet Sixam with your new spacecraft! What are your thoughts on being an astronaut? Leave a comment below!

This post was all about the sims 4 astronaut career

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