Are you one of the Many sim fans who was disappointed by the fact that CAS only allows you to have three trait slots? If so, I’ve got a solution for you with the More Traits in CAS Mod.

 Sims 4 More Traits Mod

This Post Is All About Sims 4 More Traits Mod

What Does This Mod Do?

This mod, when downloaded, allows you to increase the number of trait slots you can have from 3 up to 5 while in create-a-sim mode (CAS).

This perk doesn’t just start with adults either. Instead, it backtracks to toddlers, children, and teens as well, increasing their total trait slots as well.

This means that toddlers will have 2 trait slots open, children will have 3, and teenagers will have 4.

You can download the mod HERE. (You’ll also want to review the download page to look over any potential mods that could conflict with this mod here so that you can prevent as many in-game issues as possible.

Download More Traits In CAS Mod Here

Adding Traits To Existing Sims

One thing to note about this mod is that it only works directly through the CAS menu area. So if you want to add more traits to Sims in your current households you will need to cheat to do it. (Even if cheats aren’t your thing sadly there is not other way to add extra traits to existing households)

After you’ve finished downloading and installing the More Traits Mod, open up your current household and bring up the cheats box. To do this, press CTRL +SHIFT + C. You’ll then type in “cas.fulleditmode”.

This will let you enter into the CAS mode settings, where you’ll then be able to add any additional traits you want.

sims 4 more traits mod chingyu1023
Sims 4 More Traits Mod

Do I Have To Give All My Sims Max Trait Slot?

If you only want to give certain sims the max number of traits, that’s completely fine. Since these are additional options, they aren’t required for any sim that you create. For those that you want to have the standard 3 traits, you only need to not fill out the additional slots when creating your sim. You can fill out as many or as few trait slots as you want.

Are Pet Traits Affected?

Currently, the mod doesn’t work for pets and pet trait slots. This is likely to change in the future, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for any news or updates.

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Alternative Trait Mods

In addition to the ‘More Traits Mod’, there is also an alternative mod called More CAS Traits Mod. Created by Vicky Sims, this mod is largely identical to the More Traits Mod, with only one real exception. Whereas the original mod only works while in the CAS menu,

More CAS Traits Mod is the exact opposite. Instead, you’re only able to add traits while in gameplay mode and with the Add Traits Menu mod.

Personally, while I do like the direct ability to go in and change things up when creating a sim, there is something equally as compelling about developing my characters throughout the game.

If you’d like to use both mods be sure to read download pages and download the correct version otherwise they won’t work.

Download the More CAS Traits Mod Here.

Is This Mod Compatible With Custom Trait Mods?

The good news is that the More Traits Mod is fully compatible with a host of different custom trait mods.

Looking for more traits here are: 35+ Amazing Sims 4 Trait Mods you need to try 

This Post Was All About The Sims 4 More Traits Mod

Sims 4 More Traits Mod

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  1. Hi, I have a problem about this mod because when I download a new update (January/February 2023) for the sims 4 and this mod destroy my sims. My interface and everything is broken. Please help, what can I do to fix this ( I have 1.92 version )

    1. I haven’t used this mod in a while as I’ve been sorting out and finding new CC. But from looking at the website I can see it’s not been updated since october 2022. That could be the reason it’s not working or it could be conflicting with another mod? I will load my game up and do some testing this afternoon, to see if it’s the mod that broken or if it’s conflicting with another mod. Wll post an update here later on.

      1. Test it out in my game and had the same problem. But just been reading on a facebook group it’s not been updated yet to work with the latest patch. So hopefully it gets updated soon.

  2. Yep mine is breaking my game too since update. I’ve dragged it into my Quarantine folder until there is an update to the mod. I really hope there will be one, please and thankyou! *fingers crossed*

    1. I hope they update it soon as well. Never thought of having a quarantine folder, I just delete them. But will definitely be giving this as I often forget what I’ve deleted.

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